Main Gate.
Renovation of Administrative Office.
Exam Section.
Principal Cabin and Staff Room.
Reference stack for Autonomous library.
Sale of LED Bulbs and Food Products.
Soil and Water Testing and Liquid Drink Packaging.
Equipment in B. Voc. Laboratory.

                                        Committee For Academic Year 2018-19

                                          Principal    –         Dr. Ashok Bhoite

                                   Vice – principle –        Mr. B.B. Todkari

                                   Vice – principle –        Dr. S.S. Mane

                                   Vice – principle –        Mr .N.N. Tantak


Name of the Committee



Steering Committee

Prin. Dr. Ashok Bhoite


Cultural Committee

Prof. Dr. V.L.Kadam


Gymkhana Committee

Prof. Dr. N.J. Sohani


N.S.S. Committee

Prof. R.G. Rathod


N.C.C. Committee

Prof. Dr. A.V. Kodalkar


Time Table Committee

Prof. J.S. Patil


Roll Call Committee

Prof. Dr.T.N.Lokhande


Magazine Committee

Prof. Dr. D.G.Sontakke


Science Association Committee

Prof. A.R. Patil


Commerce Association Committee



Discipline Committee - Morning

Prof. M.V.Godase (Morning Session )

Prof. Dr.S.L.Padwal (Evening Session)


Staff Academy Committee

Prof. Dr. C.S. Kamble


Staff Welfare Committee

Prof. Dr. P.P.Ubale


Ladies Welfare Committee

Prof.Dr.Mrs. F.S. Bijapure


Post Graduate Education Committee

Prof. B.J.Todkari


Open University – Y.C.M.O.U.

Prof. Dr. R.N. Kamble


Competitive Exam Committee



Hostel Committee

Prof. J.S. Patil


Building Committee

Prof.Dr. A.V. Kodalkar


Earn & Learn Committee



U.G.C. Committee

Prof.B.D. Ronge


Library Committee

Prin. S.N. Gosavi – Chairman

Prof. Mrs. V.A. Patil – Secretary


Cycle Stand Committee



Garden Committee

Prof. A.S. Chandanshive


Tour Committee



Publicity Committee



Photo Committee

Prof. B.S.Naiknaware


Classroom cleaning & Building Maintainance Committee

Prof. R.N. Zambare


Standing(BC) Committee

Prin. Dr. Ashok Bhoite – Chairman

Prof. Dr. T.N.Lokhande – Co-ordinator


Purchase Committee

Prof.N.N. Tantak


Notice Board Writing Committee



Student Grievance Committee

Prof.B.J. Todkari  ( Morning )

Prof. J.S. Patil (Evening )


Anti Sexual Harassment Committee

Prof.Dr.Mrs.L.K. Bagal


Employee Grievance Committee

Prof. B.J. Todakari ( Prin. nominee)


IQAC Committee

Prin. S.N. Gosavi – Chairman

Prof.Dr. A.B. Kamble – (Co-ordinator)


Student Allumini  and Student Parent Committee

Prof.Dr. Mrs. F.S. Bijapure


Research & Coordination Committee

Prof. Dr. S.V. Patil


Prospectus Committee

Prof. R.N.Zambare


Nature Club Committee



Canteen Committee

Prof. B.D.Ronge


Student Council Committee

Prof.Dr.V.L. Kadam


Short Term Courses Committee

Prof. Dr. P.P.Ubale


Academic Calender Committee



Disha Project Committee



Night Study Committee



Placement and Career Development Committee

Prof. Dr. S.K. Shinde


Anti Ragging Committee

Prin. Dr. Ashok Bhoite


Feedback Committee



Computer & Internet Facilities & Maintainance

Prof.Dr. M.T. Bachute


Website Updation Committee

Prof.Dr. M.T. Bachute